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Competition network

Every team will have a switch on their designated table.

This will provide each team with 24 x 1Gbs RJ45 Ethernet ports on a dedicated switch.

The only way a team can connect to any of the competition platforms is through this switch. This will give access to the competition infrastructure hosted at NTNU and 3rd parties.

Traffic in the competition network will be monitored. NTNU SOC monitors NTNU and FortiNet monitors the Vikingship.

Competition network


The ECSC 2023 Jeopardy platform is based on CTFd. Our only functional modification is to patch in the ECSC 2023 Jeopardy scoring formula.

We will set it up in User mode, and pre-register each team with an user account.

All team members will use the same user account to submit flags.

Some challenges will be hosted by 3rd parties. This will be clearly stated in the challenge descriptions. Flags found in these platforms must be submitted in the ECSC 2023 Jeopardy platform to be scored.

All necessary credentials will be provided to the team captains each competition day.

Teams will only be able to access the ECSC 2023 Jeopardy platform from the network provided at their designated tables in the competition venue.


The ECSC 2023 Attack/Defense platform is based on the FAUST gameserver and modifications made for ECSC 2022.

The changes we have made is implementing new scoring formulas and necessary adjustments to make everything work even more smoothly with our chosen cloud infrastructure.

Each team will be assigned a unique <teamid> in the range 1-253. This will be used as the third octet in the game network for all team specific IP-addresses.

Game setup

Access to team network: 2023-10-25 09:00 UTC+2

Game end: 2023-10-25 19:00 UTC+2

Tick length: 3 minutes

Flag validity: 5 ticks

Game network

Each team has an IP 129.241.x.y

Team network

The team network will access to their team servers:

Gitlab80Git repo and CI/CD pipelines for services
Staging22Staging server where team can test patches etc.
Production21Server hosting teams services accesible by all teams
Submission1337Flag submission

These ports are only accesible by the team.

Teams are allowed sudo privileges on Staging.

Services run on production as docker conatainers.


Scores will be publically available.

If time permits — More detailed scoreboards may be provided to coaches and teams.