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The hotel is 800 meter walking distance from Hamar station.


Airplane to Oslo Airport Gardermoen (OSL), and train from OSL to Hamar station.


Mostly Low Cost Airlines

Airplane to Torp Sandefjord Airport (TRF). Then you need to take the train or bus to Oslo central station, and finally bus or train to Hamar station.


Train to Hamar via Oslo central station can be an option for Scandinavian and some North European countries. The app ENTUR can be used for all public transportation in Norway.

Chartered Bus

Chartered bus to Hamar may be an option for north, and some central, European countries. There is space for long term parking of buses at the Vikingship.

Packing list

As a minimum all participants MUST remember to bring:

  • A laptop with power supply and cables
  • A power adapter if your power supply is not compatible with Schucko (CEE 7/3) sockets.
  • An ethernet adapter that can connect to a 1Gbs RJ45 Ethernet port
  • A Cat5e or better Ethernet cable that is 2 meters or longer

It is also recommended to bring:

  • Noise canceling headhones/earplugs
  • Sweater or hoodie to use in the Vikingship arena
    • It's heated to about 18 to 20 °C
  • Clothes suited for Norwegian autumn weather
    • Late October can bring ANY weather
      • Typically some rain 0 to 10 mm/day, wind 0 to 7 m/s, and temperatures -3 to 15 °C
    • All weather jacket is highly recommended
    • Water resitant shoes